Junk-it vans on the move

Why you should call Junk-it instead of white van man

It’s tempting to just call up ‘white van man’ when you want to get rid of your junk or waste material quickly, cheaply and with “no questions asked.” However, there are downsides to white van man: There’s no guarantee that your items are disposed of legally where required. They may not be insured to cover… View Article READ MORE
Garden junk cleared

Spring Clearouts for Gardens, Garages, Lofts and Cellars

Spring is here and it’s time to reclaim your garden, cellar, spare room, loft and garage and get your space back! Many of us have had junk stored away for years and, as the piles just keep growing and growing, you soon realise that you’ve got almost no free space left and wonder where it… View Article READ MORE
junk in bin store needing cleared out

Calling All Landlords and Property Factors

A common site for Landlords and Property Factors is the bin store or back court that’s been used as a fly-tip. Perhaps the tenants have used it to dump all sorts of junk that the local council will not remove or passers-by find it’s a convenient location to dispose of their own items. Either way,… View Article READ MORE

Benefits of Junk Removal Over Skip Hire

Benefits of Junk Removal over hiring a skip. There are fans of both options and what it comes down to is what works best for you. How much time do you have? How strong are you? What’s your budget? What’s your time frame? How do your neighbours feel about a huge box blocking the street?… View Article READ MORE

What constitutes junk

Junk:  What constitutes junk? We are often asked by many of our customers to detail exactly what kind of items we collect and dispose of as part of our house, garden, office and garage clearance work so we thought we’d compile a handy list. Our junk removal teams are able to recycle many items including… View Article READ MORE

Junk Removal is Important

Let’s face it: we’re a nation of hoarders at heart.  As we travel through life we accumulate “stuff.” Once we’ve settled into a place that stuff gets put away and sometimes completely forgotten about. As time goes on, what was once considered important becomes unpractical and even hazardous to keep around, you need junk removal…. View Article READ MORE

Office Clearance Guide

Office clearances constitute a large proportion of our work.  We carry out hundreds of office clearances each year across the country and as a result we’ve gained vast experience and streamlined the process to provide a slick and efficient service causing minimum disruption to your business. This office clearance guide provides some useful tips and… View Article READ MORE

White Goods Disposal

White Goods Disposal Our white goods collection and recycling service is available to take away most white goods, including microwaves, cookers, fridges, freezers, dish-washers and washing machines. A typical white good such as a washing machine equates to 0.5 cubic yards and won’t take us long to remove so there’s minimum disruption. We can also… View Article READ MORE

Has the weather caused you havoc?

Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last 24 hours you’ll no doubt be aware just how dire the recent spate of weather we’ve endured has been.   Its seen roads close, Glasgow Central Station cancel all trains as well as Paisley’s Gilmour Street Station.  Motorways have been reduced to one lane and an amber weather… View Article READ MORE

Dundee and Perth House Clearance

Dundee and Perth House Clearances can be stress free if they’re managed carefully. Whether clearing the home of a deceased relative or preparing a house for sale or let, our House Clearance Service serves to make the process simple and straight forward! At Junk-It we carry out thousands of house clearances each year across Scotland… View Article READ MORE