Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you recycle?
You bet we do! Company wide we average recycling rates in excess of 82%. Everything we do is about landfill diversion! We are ISO14001 accredited, Waste Management & Recycling Company of the Year finalist in 2010 and 2011 at the prestigious National Recycling Awards and Winners of the Scottish Green Awards. With us you’re in safe hands.
2Why do you charge for your service?
Our team loads your junk into the truck, clears up and takes it for sorting. We sort items for recycling, reuse or tipping. For recycling and tips we are charged according to the weight of material disposed of. Our charges reflect the costs of doing all this and also the expense of employing staff and running our trucks.
3Why can’t you give me an exact price over the phone?
Our rates are based on the amount and type of junk being removed. Until we see what is to be removed, we can’t give you an exact price. Once at the premises but before starting a job, our team will review the materials to be removed and provide you with an obligation free quote of how much the job will cost.
4Why are appointments booked in two-hour windows?
To allow for unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic or jobs that were larger than expected, appointments are booked in two-hour slots. The truck team will call 15 to 30 minutes before arrival and give a firm arrival time.
5How much will it cost to remove a 3 piece suite?
3 piece suites are often bulky and cumbersome and can take up a whole lot of space however they don’t generally weigh a huge amount therefore we charge approximately £100 + vat equal to a quarter load. It is possible on many occasions that we are able to give your old sofa a new lease of life provided it is compliant with fire regulations. For an exact quote contact your nearest depot.
6How much will it cost to remove a 3 seater and a 2 seater?
Similar rules apply to above however an approximate cost for this would be £75 + VAT. This includes collection, responsible disposal and all relevant documentation……oh and a free smile from your crew!
7Can you provide us with relevant paperwork?
Absolutely! Our truck teams will provide each and every customer with a waste transfer note on completion of the collection. Waste transfer notes are provided regardless of whether we are removing household or commercial waste.
8Can you provide an audited waste trail?
For large commercial clients, in addition to WTNs, we can provide rolling monthly waste audit trail reports in Excel format. These reports detail each collection and reconcile them to end disposal site and overall landfill diversion, making internal analysis and compliance simple.
9Can you collect keys?
It has been known, yes! On occasion where a customer cannot meet us or keys are with a solicitor, estate agent or letting agent we will certainly try to assist and collect keys. In order to keep our costs as competitive as possible it would be preferable if someone with authorisation to sanction the work is contactable by phone whilst the truck team is on site?
10Do the goods need to be outside at the kerbside?
No, all the labour is provided within our costs to deal with the heavy lifting and loading. Our uniformed staff can collect items from anywhere inside or outside the property. On occasion an additional labour charge may apply if it’s particularly labour intensive, time consuming or out with our normal working hours. As with all work undertaken, a detailed quote will be provided before any work is undertaken.
11What do you do with the junk?
The majority is recycled or reused – by being given to charities, sold or taken to specialist recycling facilities. Where those options are not possible we take waste to licensed Waste Transfer Stations where it is sorted and disposed of in the least environmentally damaging manner possible.
12Why use your service instead of a skip?
We do all the loading and clean up for you and our charges reflect only the volume of junk we remove. With skip hire you have to pay for the entire volume of the skip, regardless of how much you fill. There is also the added hassle and expense of having to apply for a skip hire permit in advance and the fact that you have to do all the loading and clearing up yourself. On top of all that, you usually have to put up with neighbours using your skip to dump their own junk as well!
13Do I have to be at the property to have the job done?
Not always. Provided we can access the junk from the road and we have your card details beforehand, we will call you once on site with an exact quote and then process your card payment remotely on completion. Equally, account customers often arrange for collections to occur without someone on site, and we simply invoice you following completion of the job.
14Do you remove Husbands/Wives (delete as appropriate)
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