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Case Study

Office Block Clearance for Facilities Management Company, Hamilton

Client Name: Emtec Facilities Management

Sector: Commercial Property

Website: http://www.emtecgroup.co.uk/

Location: Hamilton


Junk It were the vendor’s preferred choice for waste disposal. We were required to remove and dispose of large amounts of renovation debris over several days as and when produced. We had to factor in that the building was still partly in use despite the refurbishment and repair work and make allowances accordingly.

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As with all of waste disposal jobs, health and safety and response times take priority. Very often skip hire is not an option due to the site locations. Often they are in busy locations with restricted parking and accessibility. In addition, the building was still in use despite the refurbishment.


We had a truck team scheduled each day to accommodate the waste being produced. The truck team arrived out with business hours to accommodate the other staff in the building and keep any disruption to a minimum. Unlike skip hire, our trucks are in-situ for a very short space of time. The team cleared the renovation debris each day to allow work to progress seamlessly and swept up upon completion.


The renovation work and repairs to the building were completed on time and with minimum disruption where the waste and junk removal was concerned. Our clients received a waste audit upon completion of the bulky waste removal which exceeded 90% recycling rates and conformed to all health and safety criteria.