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Case Study

Fly-Tipping Rubbish Removal from Car Park

Sector: Commercial Industrial Estate


The amount of fly-tipping that we have been instructed to clear in recent months has been insane. This episode was one of the worst we have cleared, exaggerated by the fact the junk appeared almost overnight.

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Due to the vastness of the site, the junk was spread over a huge area. Items had to be sorted into non-hazardous and hazardous waste before being sent for recycling which was both labour intensive and time-consuming.


We brought in machinery to clear the piles of waste in and around the car park and building. We managed to clear the site and interior of the building within 3 to 4 days and secured the site making future fly-tipping a lot more difficult.


The clearance meant that our client can now get on dealing with the dilapidation of the premises. This is becoming more common than anyone would like.