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Case Study

Driveway Clearance

Client Name: Mr and Mrs Barnett

Sector: Domestic

Location: Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire


A regular customer of ours recently moved house and quickly proceeded with some fairly significant refurbishment work. Very quickly they had produced a large quantity of debris that they required to be removed. The tradesmen had filled their garden and driveway with renovation debris, a kitchen rip-out, an old bathroom, plasterboard and had even demolished the garage and an old garden shed. All of this was obstructing the driveway and had to be removed.

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The junk was to be removed as a matter of urgency due to the continued and ongoing works. More junk was being created by the day and the pile was ever increasing. The build-up of junk was slowing down other trades to continue with their role in the refurbishment.


The junk was removed within 24 hours of initial contact. The driveway was immediately reused for more material required to complete the refurbishment. The Junk-It trucks were compact enough to fit into the driveway where the junk was located making loading quicker. We were back on three separate occasions throughout the project and the removal of the junk and debris allowed the job to flow nicely to a conclusion.


The junk was cleared fast and at a time that suited both the customer and contractor.