Why People Hoard

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12th Feb 2013
Why its important to use a reputable company to clear your rubbish.
26th Apr 2013

Why People Hoard

The results of a survey released in February suggest that the saying ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ could be true, with the majority of respondents in the United Kingdom feeling stressed or anxious about the amount of clutter in their houses.

Hoarding is a challenge that many people across the country face, and something which our truck teams come across on almost a daily basis.

So Why do People  Hoard?

Simplified Hoarding is about the fear of throwing something away that you might need someday, of not being able to remember it perfectly or that if thrown away it will cause a problem or that something bad may happen.

The survey conducted across the country by Russell Research found that 91 percent of respondents are “overwhelmed” by the untidiness of their house, 57 percent say a disorderly house is a cause of stress, 42 percent say it makes them feel more anxious and slightly under half of all respondents claim they “won’t invite friends over” to see their home when they feel it is “cluttered.”

Mothers in particular found a disorganized house a source of anxiety with 60 percent claiming it made them feel stressed and 29 percent citing children as “the top barrier to de-cluttering their home.”

Whilst we don’t wish (in any way whatsoever) to trivialise the stress felt by hoarders or the family of hoarders there can be a simple and cost effective solution to the problem.  Due to the increase of enquiries we have received recently directly related to hoarding we have become more than capable of assisting with the condition.

Our specialist house clearance teams have the time and patience to assist in house clearances where hoarding has been evident and offer above average levels of patience and understanding to complete such clearances.  We complete literally thousands of house clearances each year so it’s unlikely that we will now come across a scenario that we can’t find a solution to. Whether its rubbish removal, fly-tipping to be cleared or years worth of junk to be removed we can deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need a full house clearance, a garage clearance, attic or loft clearance or a few items removed to allow you to start de-cluttering our truck teams are there to assist every step of the way. Our charges reflect the volume that we remove so you only pay for the space your items take up in our trucks. We can also provide you with branded post-it’s in advance of any clearance to allow you (in your own time) to clearly identify and label exactly the items you wish us to remove.

So whilst the thought of clearing a house, flat, garage, attic or garden in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen may initially appear daunting we are here to make sure it’s anything but!

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