WEEE Disposal and Recycling

WEEE Disposal and Recycling

It happens every year and we all know it’s going to happen. Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Week and the January sales.

We are bombarded with TV adverts, social media teasers and the rest of the propaganda designed to make us spend. We develop this burning desire to upgrade our computers, phones, televisions or even our blenders. We must have the latest technology, we must have the fastest device and we must be first to have a particular product in the newest, trendiest colour.

But now that we have these new technological marvels what happens with the old ones?

From TVs to VHS Video Recorders

Here at Junk-It we see tons of WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) on a monthly basis: TVs, DVD players, stereos, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, fridges and even, believe it or not, VHS video players.

Now before you go off picturing this mountain of electronics we do have a solution for environmentally friendly disposal of these items. We have partnered with local charities and WEEE Recycling Facilities who specialise in the large volumes that need to be dealt with.

Since our formation in 2006 we have rapidly grown to become Scotland’s largest house and office clearance and junk removal company with depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt.

Responsible and Secure WEEE Disposal and Recycling

We see to it that computers and laptops have their hard drives removed and destroyed by a reputable company and from there the remaining components are refurbished into usable ‘new’ computers which can be passed onto those who otherwise couldn’t afford a computer.

Working TVs and entertainment players if still in working condition are passed on to charities for their clients. Anything that can’t be re-homed ends up going to a bulk recycler who separates the individual components and enters them into the appropriate recycling streams.

It’s a lot of work separating the different types of WEEE and then transporting them to the places they need to go. We can say with confidence that 100% of all WEEE collected by Junk-It is diverted from the landfills.

  • Mrs. June McMillan
    Hi I had my garage cleared yesterday & I wanted to compliment the two young men who did an amazing job. They were punctual, polite, efficient & got the job done quickly. They also handled neighbours with courtesy. I would recommend your company to friends & family. Thank you very much for a great job.
    Mrs. June McMillan
  • The Go Group
    Ross and all the guys at Junk It offer a brilliant efficient and hassle free uplift service. I’ve used Junk It a few times to clear out offices of old furniture etc and they never disappoint. It’s great to know that most of the stuff they take away is re-used or recycled too. Don’t just chuck it – Junk It
    The Go Group
  • Operations Director
    We have used Junk It on a number of occasions to carry out waste removal services. I can honestly say that the way in which the company operates, their fast response times, and overall methods are fantastic. It also gives us great peace of mind that we are dealing with a company who are totally up to date with SEPA and other environmental legislation, as we have come across many other waste management companies who are not fully aware of these issues. I would happily recommend Junk It to any other organisation.
    Operations Director
    CSM Facilities Management
  • Laura Bone
    I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I was with the recent dealings with you and your company.
    Laura Bone
    Simple Financial, Director
  • Scott-Moncrieff
    The guys today were absolutely superb and a credit to your company so thank you very much for providing this excellent service, I would certainly recommend to others. Kind Regards.
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