Has the weather caused you havoc?

Dundee and Perth House Clearance
21st Oct 2013
White Goods Disposal
7th Jan 2014

Has the weather caused you havoc?

Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last 24 hours you’ll no doubt be aware just how dire the recent spate of weather we’ve endured has been.   Its seen roads close, Glasgow Central Station cancel all trains as well as Paisley’s Gilmour Street Station.  Motorways have been reduced to one lane and an amber weather warning issued by the Met Office.

All of which has had our phones ring off the hook with customers needing garages cleared, damaged fencing removed, roof tiles taken away and rubbish removed.  Winds of over 80 mph have damaged roofs, collapsed garden sheds, felled trees and branches and generally caused chaos across Glasgow.

Our two man crews clear all and any form of rubbish and debris from anywhere inside or outside your property or garden and are on call to assist with any post weather clear up operation regardless of how large or small it is.

Aside from our usual House Clearance service we provide rubbish removal, site clean-up’s, rubbish collection, garden shed removal, garage clearance, office clearance and removal of fly-tipping across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

So rather than endure the clean up and clearance yourself why not contact us on 0843 289 5668, 0843 289 5668 or 01224 452 909 for a garage clearance, garden clearance or house clearance quote, we’d be delighted to help.


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