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Junk-it is our name and rubbish removal is our game. With depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen our specialist teams deal with everything from commercial to household junk removal, waste disposal and house clearances. That is the bit everyone knows about BUT how do we manage to keep so little of your junk from ending up in a land fill and why?

Once back at our depots it is time for sorting and then redistributed to local charities, recycled, or sent to landfill as appropriate. We aim to recycle 82% of all material and reuse as much as possible. We manage this by Partnering with a number of worthwhile organisations such as Furniture Initiatives, donating items such as books, cardboard, clothing, records/CD’s whenever possible. Recycling all timber which goes to produce animal bedding, Recycling old tyres for equestrian bedding Recycling Biomass (MDF, Chipboard and plywood), Recycling all metal, donating any useable bicycles to local charity, recycling all Electrical Equipment and all inert waste such as soil, rubble, concrete and brick.

In Scotland, we have 72 active landfill sites, with the capacity to hold 77,970,566 tonnes of waste! Their purpose is for waste that cannot be recycled or breaks down slowly. If we filled Landfills with all our waste they would be packed, air wouldn’t circulate, items wouldn’t break down and decompose over time and our numbers of sights would keep on rising! That is why we are committed to diverting as much waste away from landfill as possible. If you want your junk to be disposed of correctly then give us a call now!

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