We Don’t Do It On The Fly

February 12, 2013 3:14 pm Published by

With over 1,168,270 people living in Glasgow and greater Glasgow area, you can only imagine the amount of waste, electrical goods and old household items- over 250,000 tonnes! That is a lot of rubbish collection and junk removal to take care of and it is crucial it is disposed of properly.

Fly tipping is a growing problem in Scotland defacing our towns and countryside, with many fly tipping to avoid paying disposal costs etc. This is not a victimless crime; we estimate that it costs council taxpayers more than 11 million pounds every year to clear up dumping from council land. It is also important to realise that farmers and other land managers have to meet the cost of clearing rubbish dumped on their land and this is costing them around 1,000 pounds each every year. Research from Keep Scotland Tidy shows that while 24% of fly tipping came from shops, offices and builders, some 73% of dumped junk came directly from households, much of which was dumped by cowboy operators. So rather than taking the risk of being caught fly tipping and fined 40,000 pounds, its well worth going through the proper channels.

At Junk-It Scotland, we offer a completely transparent costing structure; including all transfer station fees and dispose of the items we collect in an as environmentally friendly manner as possible. We have a Scottish Green award, a National Recycling Award, and an 82% recycling rate to prove it! So call us today, no flies on us!

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