TV Removal And Recycling

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12th February 2013
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12th February 2013

TV Removal And Recycling

TV Removal by Junk-It

TV Removal And Recycling.

TV Removal And Recycling by the experts!

With the Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics on the TV a lot of people have been trading up to the latest High definition flat screen beauty instead of their old grainy Mammoth Television set. But what to do with your old TV, its big, dusty, heavy hard to store and harder to move.

At Junk IT our expert TV Removal And Recycling collection teams have the expertise to dispose of your old set. Televisions are one of the most common items we find when we come to junk removal jobs at homes in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Old televisions and computer monitors are hazardous waste by EU and UK regulations. They must be recycled properly to prevent harm to the environment. At Junk It we are committed to ensuring all televisions and monitors undergo the most comprehensive recycling process in line the UK and European regulations. We’re passionate about TV Removal And Recycling !

So what happens to your old television when its no longer showing Friends re runs? With the exception of the phosphors in the tube, every single part can be reused or recycled. The plastics are recycled into new products. Printed circuit boards are smelted to recover valuable metals. Cables are recovered for copper and plastics.

The glass is carefully treated with state of the art recovery equipment and returned manufacturers for reuse in Screens and Monitors. Even the dust recovered from the glass recycling is reused! We don’t have an 84 % recycling rate (and counting) for nothing! TV Removal And Recycling needn’t be difficult, simply contact us today and our friendly customer service operators will arrange a convenient time for us to come and collect that old box!

In addition to TV Removal And Recycling, our crews can also remove old sofas, beds, furniture, carpets and electrical appliances among other things.

TV Removal And Recycling the EASY way!

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