Spring Clearouts for Gardens, Garages, Lofts and Cellars

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13th March 2017
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15th May 2017

Spring Clearouts for Gardens, Garages, Lofts and Cellars

Spring is here and it’s time to reclaim your garden, cellar, spare room, loft and garage and get your space back!

Garden junk

Collapsed garden shed taking up valuable space.

Many of us have had junk stored away for years and, as the piles just keep growing and growing, you soon realise that you’ve got almost no free space left and wonder where it went. Imagine what you could do with a clear garage (you could actually put your car in it!) or empty loft or spare room? Just ask us about our house clearance service.

In Spring our garden clearance service is very popular as our customers want to free up garden space where they always wanted to put a flower bed, veg patch or BBQ area. We are often called in Spring to clear out garden sheds as the better weather and first main holiday time of the year means people want to get out and enjoy their gardens and maybe do a bit of digging, planting or pruning. However, it’s a real toil and time consuming too tackling a shed clearance but we can do it in no time.

Garden junk cleared

Shed removed and look at all that free space!

We can also clear whole sections of garden regardless of what’s cluttering it up. This even extends to removing old garden sheds which have seen better days or are falling down. See the photos for a great example.

So if you’re planning on a Spring clean with a difference and want a massive improvement in the space you could reclaim call Junk-It and we’ll do the dirty work while you take the credit.

If you are Spring cleaning and in need of household or garden junk removal, send us an enquiryemail us or call us on Glasgow 0843 289 5668 | Edinburgh 0843 289 5668

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