WEEE Disposal and Recycling

It happens every year and we all know it’s going to happen whether it’s Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Week or the January sales.

We are bombarded with TV adverts, social media teasers and the rest of the propaganda designed to make us spend. We develop this burning desire to upgrade our computers, phones, televisions or even our blenders. We must have the latest technology, we must have the fastest device and we must be first to have a particular product in the newest, trendiest colour.

But now that we have these new technological marvels what happens with the old ones?

From TVs to VHS Video Recorders

Household electrical WEEE equipment

Examples of just some of the household electrical WEEE equipment Junk-It dispose of regularly.

Here at Junk-It we see tons of WEEE (Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment) on a monthly basis: TVs, DVD players, stereos, computers, laptops, monitors, printers, fridges and even, believe it or not, VHS video players.

Now before you go off picturing this mountain of electronics we do have a solution for environmentally friendly disposal of these items. We have partnered with local charities and WEEE Recycling Facilities who specialise in the large volumes that need to be dealt with.

Responsible and Secure WEEE Disposal and Recycling

Office electrical WEEE equipment

Would your office clear out resemble this? Junk-It can dispose of it legally and responsibly.

We see to it that computers and laptops have their hard drives removed and destroyed by a reputable company and from there the remaining components are refurbished into usable ‘new’ computers which can be passed onto those who otherwise couldn’t afford a computer.


Find out more about our computer equipment removal and disposal.

Working TVs and entertainment players if still in working condition are passed on to charities for their clients. Anything that can’t be re-homed ends up going to a bulk recycler who separates the individual components and enters them into the appropriate recycling streams.

It’s a lot of work separating the different types of WEEE and then transporting them to the places they need to go. We can say with confidence that 100% of all WEEE collected by Junk-It is diverted from the landfills.

If you are in need of WEEE removal, call today on Glasgow 0141 433 4330 or Edinburgh 0131 228 3848, email us or use our enquiry form.