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Rubbish Removal Service…..that’s far from Rubbish

At Junk-It we pride ourselves on providing a Rubbish Removal Service……..well a (Great) Rubbish Removal Service if you know what we mean?

Lets face it we all have junk! Sometimes junk creeps up on you, its easily accumulated after all. We move it around from room to room, into the attic, out to the garage or even under the stairs. At work there’s inevitably a junk cupboard or even an entire corner of the office devoted to junk? That’s where we come in.

Our Rubbish Removal Service removes all forms of bulky waste from anywhere on your property inside or out. All the materials we collect are re-used, recycled or disposed of at licensed waste transfer stations.

Rather than making it the job you we’re always meaning to get round to, why not see if our Rubbish Removal Service can help?

Of course you can do it yourself but there are one or two obvious drawbacks:

1. It can be costly. You need to arrange a skip, hire a van or call in your friends, not to mention the disposal costs.

2. You have to know where to go. Not all sites are the same and you may need to sort your waste at different collection points. As an infrequent user the costs can be prohibitive.

3. You will need a LOT of will power! Junk can be heavy, dirty and difficult to move.

Our Rubbish Removal Service removes all the hassle from what may seem an arduous task. Our friendly uniformed truck teams do all the heavy lifting and loading for you so that you don’t have to, sweep up after themselves and we recycle over 85% of everything we collect. We provide a simple, flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to skip hire so if you require a ‘Great’ Rubbish Removal Service don’t put it off any longer and get in touch today!

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