Price and Costs

1/8 Load£70£84
1/6 Load£95£114
 1/4 Load£125£150
 1/3 Load£155£186
 3/8 Load£180£216
 1/2 Load£200£240
 5/8 Load£225£270
 2/3 Load£250£300
 3/4 Load£275£330
 5/6 Load£295£354
 7/8 Load£310£372
 Full Load£330£396
Volume Bed LoadEx VATInc VAT
1/6 Load£80£96
1/3 Load£120£114
1/2 Load£160£192
2/3 Load£200£240
5/6 Load£240£288
Full Load£275£330

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone or you can also pay by cash or cheque. Accounts (for invoicing) can generally be made available upon request.

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Single ItemsEx VATInc VAT
Washer/ Dryer/ Cooker/ Dishwasher£40£48
Chest Freezer£80£96
Mattress Single£60£72
Mattress Double£65£78
2 Seater Couch£40£48
3 Seater Couch£85£102
Sofa Bed£85£102
3 Piece Suite£130£156
Office Printer£95£114
 Commercial Fridge/ Freezer£120£144
Special Item DisposalEx VATInc VAT
Fluorescent Tubes£2£2.40
Gas Bottles/Fire Extinguisher£10£12
Secure Document Disposal A4 Box£10£12
Fridge/Freezer AC Unit£20£24

Prices include up to 1 hour labour. Additional labour will be charged at £50 per hour on a pro-rata basis. We can not remove liquids or hazardous materials such as asbestos. Due to weight restrictions, high density materials such as brick, concrete and soil will be charged at bed load rate.

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