Junk Removal In Edinburgh

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Junk Removal In Edinburgh

Junk Removal In Edinburgh, and not a skip in sight!

Let us set the scene: You have an office on Princes Street that is bursting at the seams with clutter and needs to be cleared. We know what you are thinking; best find some skip Hire in Edinburgh, contact Edinburgh city council and pay for a permit to keep the skip on the road. As if that is not enough to deal with you will need to find a site in amongst all of the Tram disruption. Then you have to organise a team to remove you your junk, fill up the skip, get it removed and then tidy up the area- sounds like a logistical nightmare if you ask us! Junk Removal In Edinburgh doesn’t need to be difficult.

Junk Removal In Edinburgh, the simple way!

This is why you need Junk-It in your life. All our trucks can hold 12 cubic yards- that is the same as two domestic skips! Unlike skip hire and you do not need to pay for filling up the truck only the space that your junk takes up- and you do not have the added cost of paying for a permit and arranging uplift etc. Our experienced teams that specialise in Junk Removal In Edinburgh will arrive right outside your door, do all the loading and lifting for you, sort and recycle all your junk back at our depot ( 82% of all junk is recycled and diverted away from landfill sites, and we even sweep up after ourselves. When it comes to Junk Removal In Edinburgh, we know our stuff!

On top of all this we offer a transparent costing, from only 30 pounds plus VAT, same day service and promise to show up within a pre agreed 2-hour time window, calling you 20 minutes prior to our arrival. Therefore, you can hop and jump towards being clutter free with out a skip in sight!

Our Junk Removal service is also available in Glasgow and Aberdeen, making rubbish removal a pleasure, NOT a chore!

If you could benefit from Junk Removal In Edinburgh (or across Scotland for that matter!) why not contact us to see how easy we can make it!

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