Junk-It Saves the Whale!

February 12, 2013 3:37 pm Published by

Regular readers of this Blog are no doubt used to hearing us talk about our amazing green record of accomplishment!

How we are Scotland’s leading licensed rubbish Collection Company dealing with domestic and commercial clients who need junk removal from our depots in Glasgow, Aberdeen or Edinburgh. You are probably used to us telling you about our 80+% company wide recycling rate, and how we divert over 82% of your junk away from Landfill sites.

But have we ever given you the hard facts? Well let us tell you that so far during our vast array of House clearances, Office clearances, waste disposal and rubbish removal we have managed to divert a whopping 4276084 kilograms (and counting) of rubbish away from Landfill sites.

Personally, we think that’s pretty impressive- but let’s make it a bit simpler if we get the calculator out, convert the kilograms to tonnes (4276.084 metric tonnes) and then divide that by the average weight of something everyone on the planet loves Blue whales, that means we have saved enough space for 26 blue whales in the world! That is music to our ears, or maybe it is the whales singing!

So if you want to keep on saving space, saving the plant and indirectly saving whales get in touch with Junk It today and arrange your rubbish removal.

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This post was written by Jamie Junk-It