It isn’t easy being fluorescent!

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12th February 2013
We Don’t Do It On The Fly
12th February 2013

It isn’t easy being fluorescent!

Being fluorescent may sound exciting- you get to be dazzling and bright, used in nearly every home, office around the world in the form of light bulbs and lighting strips and you can be all shapes, sizes, and colours- being fluorescent may seem cool.

However, in the absence of alternative disposal techniques, fluorescent tubes have traditionally been disposed to landfill.

There are more than 100 million fluorescent tubes and lamps used in the UK each year. The mercury from only one fluorescent tube can contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe level for drinking.

No longer is landfill an acceptable route for lamps. Even though each lamp contains only small levels of mercury, the sheer number of lamps being disposed of, could harm the environment and water table.

At Junk-It we can safely dispose of fluorescent light bulbs and all your rubbish that cannot be disposed of in a skip. We ensure that 82% of what we uplift from any rubbish collection in Glasgow, junk removal job in Edinburgh or a flat clearance in Aberdeen is reused and recycled.

All it takes is 4 steps- call, book a time, our friendly uniformed team collects your junk in our specialised trucks and then we recycle it! So call us today and get junk disposed off in the right way!

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