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February 12, 2013 3:17 pm Published by

You read the title; today we are talking about making Junk removal, rubbish collection, house clearance and recycling Glamorous! Well to be truthful the removal part is not Glamorous but the results will make a transformation to you and your home that will be front-page news!

Clutter is a problem for you if it: Causes tension with family or friends , Gets in the way of having people to visit or stay, makes you feel stressed in your own home – not Glamorous at all. It does not take an expert to tell you the solution to the problem. It is time for a clear out. There are loads of benefits that come with a de-clutter; like making your home a more stylish environment for entertaining family and friends. Getting rid of physical clutter will help clear mental clutter out of sight out of mind. Create more time you will be able to find things easily in a clutter free home, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

At Junk-It Scotland we our expert team will do all the heavy lifting, loading and recycling! In addition, we only charge for the space your items take up in the back of the trucks. We can provide a same day service and promise to show up within a pre-agreed 2 hour time window, calling you 20 minutes prior to our arrival! Meaning your house will be clutter free fast and you will not even need to get your hands dirty, a glamorous result indeed! With Depots in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, we are here to help.

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This post was written by Jamie Junk-It