Does Size Really Matter?

Heavy Metal Lovers!
12th Feb 2013
Junk-It Saves the Whale!
12th Feb 2013

Does Size Really Matter?

It’s a question that has been debated for centuries and FINALLY the team at Junk It HQ have found the answer! No not to THAT question but the question of whether to consider Skip Hire or not!

When hiring a Skip there are a number of things to consider-

Do you have enough junk to justify the cost?

Will you be able to find space for the skip so that it doesn’t cause obstructions to neighbours, traffic or local business?

You will need to pay for a skip hire or parking bay suspension license, which takes time, extra cost, plus not all your junk may be able to go into the skip: Gas bottles, electrical equipment (WEEE), Tyres, TVs & computer screens, Fridges & freezers, Batteries, Plasterboard, Fluorescent tubes etc.

In addition you have to spend time loading your junk yourself!

At Junk it we offer you the perfect eco friendly solution! Well what did you expect from Scotland’s largest licensed man and van rubbish Collection Company! Our custom designed trucks are perfect for getting to those remote or difficult places where a skip is not feasible. Our trained teams will do all the heavy lifting and loading- plus we collect, reuse and recycle all those items which aren’t allowed in skips!

But how have we solved the issue of size we hear you cry?! Our tucks are 12 cubic yards- equivalent to two domestic skips! We know, impressive.

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