Urgent Collection of Cardboard, Glasgow City Centre

No Thumnail
Client Name: Elite Training and Consultancy
Business Sector: IT & Software Training
Website: https://www.elitetc.co.uk/
Location: Glasgow City centre
The client's already cramped parking garage was full of empty boxes and packaging from their new hardware and office supplies. They are a regular client and we understood the urgency of their call. As parking is already tight in the city centre they needed us to get it collected to free up parking spaces for their staff.
Access issues. No parking, double yellow lines,
Whilst ensuring our truck was not blocking other road users or pedestrians we removed all the packaging from the garage and from another room in the building. As it was mostly cardboard we were able to recycle 100% of the items at a local recycling facility.
The client got the parking spaces back and created space for their future recycling.
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