Renovation Debris Disposal, Cathcart

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Business Sector: Residential
Location: Cathcart, Glasgow
To clear a large amount of renovation debris from the rear garden of a refurbishment project in Glasgow. The items to be removed included large quantities of rubble, kitchen, bathrooms, tile, dry wall and timber.
The access for our trucks to the rear of the building was narrow. The piles were large and required a lot of manpower to clear. There was nowhere near the property to put a skip and it was incredibly labour intensive.
We cleared the garden of the debris over a two-day period. Trucks were not as important as labor was. We put 5 crew on the job with two trucks.
The garden was cleared much quicker than expected. The cleared space created room for more debris to be removed so we actually ended up visiting the property a further three times throught the project.
I know I’d taken on a large-scale project but without the assistance of James and your team the job would have been a lot harder. Thanks for your efficiency and hard work throughout the project. I’ll be back in touch!
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