Pub/Bar Refurbishment, Edinburgh

No Thumnail
Client Name: Donaldson Construction Jock’s Lodge pub
Business Sector: Hospitality
Location: Jocks Lodge pub, Edinburgh
An old pub that had been untouched for over 5 years. The inspection found asbestos in the building. Junk It was used to empty the pub, to create space for the asbestos removal work to be carried out. Moving forward the construction company was planning on using skips for the rip out. However, there was nowhere to drop a skip and Edinburgh City Council would not allow one on the street as there is a main junction outside of the Bar. A skip at this location would be dangerous to traffic.
No permit for skip on the road.
Collections every 2-3 days to keep the project on time.
Junk It has since been back on 3 occasions to remove the debris, with further pick ups scheduled.
Job ongoing
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