Shopping Centre Car Park Lighting and Debris Removal, East Kilbride

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Client Name: Electrical Solutions (Scotland) Ltd
Business Sector: Facilities Management
Location: East Kilbride
We were recently tasked with removing a large quantity of light fittings which had been removed from underground car parking within the shopping centre. In addition, there was a large quantity of general junk to be removed. This included packaging and some renovation debris. There was nowhere a skip could be dropped or manpower to fill it.
The junk was to be removed as a matter of urgency due to the busy nature of the shopping centre and the area was needed for storage of more equipment arriving later that week. We needed to comply with all onsite Health and Safety requirements.
The junk was removed within 24 hours of initial contact. The area was immediately reused for more material required to complete the refurbishment. Our trucks were compact enough to fit into the space where the junk was located.
The junk was cleared quickly with recycling rated exceeding 95% and the area was immediately reused to store more items.
Delighted with a speedy conclusion.
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