Large Clearance for Edinburgh Napier University

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Client Name: Edinburgh Napier University
Business Sector: Education
Location: Edinburgh
Napier University were doing major renovation works to their science department. We were required to rip out and dispose of huge quantities of work stations, lab benches, lockers and classroom furniture.
The university was in term time and many students and staff were still in attendance. We worked out of hours to work round them. In addition, access was tight to park vehicles. There was also asbestos on the building which was being removed by a separate contractor which involved constant liaising.
Work was completed over a seven week period in which time over 65 tons of miscellaneous junk was ripped out and removed.
Once we were finished, the building was ready for the fit-out team to start phase two of the project. Everything was removed safely and efficiently, on time and within budget. Our audited waste trail showed that recycling rates in excess of 90% had been achieved which was a primary concern of the university.
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