Illegal Fly-tipping Disposal, Leith, Edinburgh

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Business Sector: Commercial Property
Location: Leith, Edinburgh
Approach road to a client’s remote commercial premises had been subject to a large amount of illegal fly-tipping. It was unsightly, attracting vermin and blocking part of the road. They needed the junk removed before any further associated issues arose such as anyone adding to the pile.
The main obstacles were the sheer volume of debris left behind. The photo only shows a fraction of what was involved. With this type of clearance we need to take extra precautions as often there can be many unsavoury things such as needles, etc.
We cleared the site of all debris and bulk waste within 24 hours of instruction. We sent 4 trucks and 6 crew who cleared the site the same day. There were many items which required special disposal such as monitors, fridges, fluorescent tubes and tyres. These items are common in fly-tipping as they can be expensive to dispose of responsibly.
We cleared all items of junk and disposed of it at licensed waste transfer facilities. We provided the customer with a fully audited waste trail and waste transfer notes ensuring the responsible disposal of everything we collected. Interestingly, within some of the bags collected were addressed letters allowing the customer to trace the culprit. Not only is fly-tipping common it’s expensive to clear up and unsightly.
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