Garden Shed Removal, Bridge of Weir

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Client Name: Mr Dingwall
Business Sector: Private Homeowner
Location: Bridge of Weir Renfrewshire
To remove and dispose of a collapsed and redundant shed. The shed was rotten and partly collapsed. We do a large number of shed, greenhouse and garage demo and removals including contents.
No Asbestos was located in this job but can be on some garage roofs. The job is dirty and often the structures are unstable. Access to the front of the building was via a small path which meant we had to collapse the panels.
We collapsed the remains of the shed and adjacent greenhouse, removed it cleared up in approximately one hour. We achieved almost a 100% recycling rate. The owner had looked at this eyesore for years wondering how to remove it.
A tidy area in which to put a new shed was created. The garden looked much tidier and the owner was delighted.
I must write to thank you and the team you sent to dispose of my unsightly garden shed. It was both unsightly and dangerous. Your team removed it in a time scale I didn’t think possible.
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