Foreclosed House Clearance, Hamilton

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Client Name: Scottish Building Society
Business Sector: Mortgage Lending
Location: Hamilton
The house had been a foreclosure. The house had been left damaged, with cupboards left full of rotting food, animal waste on the carpets, unwashed clothing and other mess left by squatters before the locks were changed. Our client required the house to be completely cleared, including carpets, the back garden and shed.
Large distance from the site to recycling and dumping facilities and the unpleasant smell of mould, rotten food and other waste.
House was completely cleared including the 3 layers of carpeting in each room, all cupboards, garden shed and under stairs. All junk from the main and common rooms was removed. Food and chemicals that we couldn't take were sorted and organized for the client's maintenance team to deal with. Dispatched a second truck to deal with the clearance. Transfer of recyclable to respective depots and the remaining to transfer stations for further sorting.
The house was left in a condition suitable to be viewed and sold at auction.
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