Fly-Tipping Clean Up, Kirkintilloch

No Thumnail
Client Name: Texas Properties
Business Sector: Commercial Property
Location: Kirkintilloch
Property managed by the client had a large amount of items fly tipped, mattresses, boxes, kids toys, and other assorted miscellaneous junk. It was a huge eye sore and was starting to cause complaints and had to be be dealt with ASAP
No real obstacles other than the fact the items we were picking up had been exposed to the elements, which made it an unpleasant task.
Dispatched truck to this job as their last job of the day as we would not want to be entering someone’s home after tracking through the mud and other unmentionable refuse.
After removing all the junk and after raking the area, it was as good as new, with no evidence that there had ever been any fly tipping.
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