Estate / Probate House Clearance, Milngavie

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Client Name: Mr & Mrs Watson
Business Sector: Residential
Location: Milngavie
Our client was left to deal with a house under probate. The house was furnished as if it was still being lived in. The cupboards were full, all the wardrobes were full and even the Christmas tree was still up. The clients were elderly with no means of handling this massive job on their own. They needed the property cleared and in a fit condition to be sold to settle the estate. They had no idea where to begin and were starting to panic as the deadline loomed ever closer.
We were really under pressure as the job needed to be completed in 2 days and the family had emotional attachment to many of the items in the house.
We dedicated four of our truck team members and three of our trucks and simply rolled up our sleeves and just cracked on.
We were able to complete the house clearance within the required time. We donated usable furniture to a local charity, re-homed the books, recycled the WEEE and recycled over 95% of the items collected.
The client was relieved and house was sold within the week.
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