Commercial Unit Clearance for Commercial Landlord, Carluke

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Client Name: JLL
Business Sector: Property Managers
Location: Carluke
To clear an abandoned industrial unit that had been previously let and used as a wholesale hub. The tenants had vanished leaving the property in such a state that it couldn’t be re let or viewed. The property managers (Junk-It’s client) needed to make repairs and bring it back to a lease able standard.
There were over 35 tonnes of junk to be removed. The junk included old food, crisps, sweets, household junk such as toys, sofas and furniture and many combustibles which posed a significant fire risk if left. There were a large number of pallets to be removed as well as food waste and an enormous quantity of milk.
We removed all rubbish and junk left behind in a day, arranged to have the pallets and milk collected by a local dairy instead of opting for landfill. Not shown in the videos there was a front office that was also cleared of desks, chairs, printers, etc. We had a food waste skip onsite for the disposal of foodstuffs and removed and disposed of everything else in the same day. Once remedial works were carried out by the property managers the unit was re-let the same week. We attained recycling rates in excess of 90% and were the most competitive of the quotes.
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