Clearance of Fire Damaged Building, Edinburgh City Centre

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Client Name: Shelter Scotland
Business Sector: Charity
Location: Edinburgh City Centre
To clear an entire building which had been fire damaged. The building had to be completely cleared to a shell before the builders could come in to carry out the re-fit.
This job was fraught with challenges. The building was without power, everything inside was charred and wet, a large-scale risk assessment had to be carried out to ensure everyone’s safety, and time was of the essence as this was a head office. The building was located on the corner of two of Edinburgh’s busiest streets, just off Princes Street so parking and logistics were challenging to say the least. The main floor which we were clearing was on the 5th floor and there was no operational lift.
We had a 12-man crew on this job for a full week clearing everything from desks, cabinets, carpeting as well as things we could no longer identify due to the fire.
We cleared all junk and office equipment safely and ahead of schedule. The fit-out company coming in at our back were able to get a head start on proceedings and as such the building was put back together and re-opened three weeks ahead of the original estimate.
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