Christmas Tree Removal and Disposal, Glasgow and Edinburgh

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Client Name: Various
Business Sector: Offices, factories, shops, etc. Any business that has a Christmas tree!
Website: NA
Location: Glasgow and Edinburgh
Each year before we close for the Christmas break we are inundated with calls from businesses looking to dispose of Christmas trees and cardboard packaging.
Pine needles! Therefore we wrap the trees in a tarpaulin before removing.
Disposing of a Christmas tree with us is simple, effective and tidy. Our two man crews collect the trees along with stands, decorations and packaging in a swift manner and responsibly dispose of them, usually by chipping. Inevitably once we arrive companies have other junk needing to be removed like broken chairs, the odd desk or promotional material. It’s a good way for companies to have a final clear out before finishing for the festivities.
Removing Christmas trees before the Christmas break allows companies to open again in January ready to do business, clear of the December hangover.
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