Bulk Waste Removal, East Kilbride

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Client Name: CCB
Business Sector: Commercial Property Rental
Location: East Kilbride
To clear up after a client had gone into liquidation and departed the unit. The unit could not be viewed in its current state therefore couldn’t be re-let and was a fire risk. Customer went bust and literally walked out.
The main obstacles were the sheer volume of debris left behind by the previous tenant. Lots of hazardous waste required special disposal such as monitors, electrical equipment, as well as some heavy machinery.
We cleared the unit of all debris, office equipment and bulk waste within 48 hours of instruction. We sent 4 trucks and 6 crew who were in and out of the premises the same day.
The unit was handed back to the landlord looking 100% and able to be re-let very quickly. The floors were swept and everything cleared very quickly meaning viewings could commence that week.
Our client was delighted as it meant they could re-advertise the unit for let on behalf of the landlord.
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