Benefits of Junk Removal Over Skip Hire

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9th January 2014
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Benefits of Junk Removal Over Skip Hire

Benefits of Junk Removal over hiring a skip. There are fans of both options and what it comes down to is what works best for you. How much time do you have? How strong are you? What’s your budget? What’s your time frame? How do your neighbours feel about a huge box blocking the street?

Introducing the Benefits of Junk Removal.

By hiring a Professional Junk Removal company like Junk-It you really do take all the worry and stress out of getting back your space. All the heavy lifting up and down flights of stairs, expensive disposal costs, flat tyres, ruined clothing, personal injury or sometimes most importantly your time are all taken care of by our friendly, uniformed drivers. As they brave the potential hazards and confusion sometimes brought up you can simply point to what’s going and then go put your feet up and enjoy a coffee. Quite often Skip Hire can see you landed with a large and offensive box blocking your road and irritating your neighbours. In the dark of night couches and other interesting items also seem to make their way into it which results in costing you money.

Benefits of Junk Removal.

By hiring a responsible company the benefits of junk removal surpass your wallet and time, they also have an impact on the environment. By being SEPA certified (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) there are better controlled and regulated disposal options. Your unwanted items are passed onto charities, recycled through product specific stations and transfer stations or even up-cycled as available.

In the end it really comes down to you, do you want to do the heavy lifting yourself? Are you savvy enough to get rid of your things responsibly? Do you have the space for the skip for a week or so? Can you see yourself reaping the benefits of junk removal?